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> Квест На Сина, битый??
сообщение 13.4.2008, 18:22
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такое ощущение что квест какой то кривой, отвечаешь на вопросы дожодишь до 10 отвечаешь на него и зависает, тоесть не пишет сдал или нет.
а если зайти в комнату с монстрами, скока их там надо убить???? убивал 5-6 ничего время заканчивается.
что делать как стать сином??
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сообщение 19.4.2008, 18:11
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Ты наверное не правильно отвечаешь,хотя не понятно,с одной стороны раз ты дошёл до монстров,то ответил правильно,но с другой тебе бы не продолжали задавать вопросы.
Вот на всякий случай ответы:
Quiz Question Set 1
01 What here is not a prerequisite of the skill Grimtooth? Left hand mastery Lv 2
02 Enchant Poison makes your weapon what element? Poison
03 What is the function of level 4 Left Hand Mastery? Attack +70%
04 What item do you need to use when you use the skill 'Venom Dust'? Red Gemstone
05 When you increase Enchant Poison up to level 5, what new skill will appear? Venom Dust
06 What skill listed below allows you to be walk around unseen? Cloak
07 What is the requirement for Venom Dust? Must use a red gemstone.
08 What monster card listed below adds to Intelligence? Elder Willow
09 How much sp do you use when you do a double hit using a dagger? 0
10 What is the best type of sword to use in the Bybalan dungeon? Sword of Piercing Wind
Quiz Question Set 2
01 Which monster drops a slotted Katar? Desert Wolf
02 What card listed below can be inserted into a Jur? Caramel
03 Which class can forge weapons? Blacksmith
04 Which weapon listed below isn't a Katar class weapon? Gladius
05 In Bybalan Dungeon a large amount of monsters are of what elemental type? Water
06 What monster listed below can't be tamed and turned into a cute pet? Roda Frog
07 Choose the monster that is weakest to fire. Kobold (Axe)
08 Choose the non-elemental Katar. Infiltrator
09 Pick out the monster that doesn't belong in the group. Creamy
10 Choose a non-undead monster. Poison Spore
Quiz Question Set 3
01 What is the increased dodge rate you get when you have the 'Improve Dodge' skill at level 10? 30
02 Which monster can detect someone who is hidden/cloaked? Whispers
03 Assassins can use dual weapons. Which set of weapons below can an Assassin use? Damascus and Stiletto
04 Which town do you become a Thief in? Morroc
05 Which card has nothing to do with agility? Whisper Card
06 What makes Assassins so special? Excellent dodging ability
07 When an Assassin reaches a Job level of 50, what is the added bonus he/she recieves to agility? 10
08 What piece of equipment cannot be used by an Assassin? Golden helm
09 When a Novice wants to become a Thief, what mushrooms does he/she need to steal? 'Orange Net Mushrooms' or 'Orange Gooey Mushrooms'
10 What card listed below is useless to an Assassin? Elder Willow Card

В части квеста с монстрами тебе надо убить именно Job Change Target,если ты убьешь с другим именем,то провалишь квест. Всего надо убить 6 монстров(свиду 3 как Poring, 1 Drops, 1 Lunatic and 1 Poporing).
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сообщение 17.5.2008, 10:48
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Цитата(Silvia @ 19.4.2008, 19:11) *
В части квеста с монстрами тебе надо убить именно Job Change Target

и не упасть в яму (IMG:style_emoticons/default/emo_ro29.gif)
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