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> Разделы помощи
Просмотр выбранного раздела или поиск
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> Help Desk
Просмотр выбранного раздела или поиск
The Help Desk module allows you (if the board administrator has given you permission) to create a support ticket, which the staff will respond to

Help Desk Ticket List
When clicking on the 'Help Desk' link on the links bar you will be taken to the Help Desk Ticket list page. This page displays all the tickets you have created, as well as public tickets, with some information about them. The screen also includes some filter options. Clicking on a Tickets's name will take you to that Ticket.

Adding Tickets
When you are at the ticket list, you will find a button labled 'New Ticket'.  Clicking that will take you to the submissions page.  Fill out the necessary information, pick a department to submit the ticket to, and you are done.

Adding Replies to Tickets
When clicking on a Ticket name in the ticket list, you will be taken to the ticket view page. This page contains a quick reply form, or you can click on the Add Reply button to be able to add a reply to the ticket.

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